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SKAN is one of the pioneer companies in cleanroom equipment and isolator design for the global pharmaceutical industry. The company works with high-level production of complex machines.





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"SKAN uses Orbit as an operational tool. It helps the project managers controlling the workload on ongoing projects in the company, and it enables the company’s director of business unit to create fast and accurate forecasts for production to the sales team."

Raphael Fischer
Application Engineer at SKAN AG

Background story

Imagine that, as an order processor, you have to provide a convincing and real forecast for when you can deliver a complex product – without any access to business data. At first, this might sound like an almost ungrateful and nearly impossible task. Nevertheless, this is the reality that the order processor at SKAN faces.

That is why their directors of business units have introduced a 90-second forecast.

"The two factors that were most critical in the end were the more modern design style combined with great features already fitting most of our needs."

Raphael Fischer, Application Engineer at SKAN AG
Digital solution


90 Seconds makes high demands for data – and its degree of enrichment.

To deliver an accurate and compelling forecast for production in only 90 seconds is, in itself, a difficult task. It is not made easier by the production process depending on specific competencies in certain periods. Having to execute a task like that makes great demands for the company’s available data – and their degree of enrichment.

The data needs to:

  • Be 100% updated – at any time
  • Create an overview of the current resource occupancy
  • Give an insight into future resource load – including peak load resources

Furthermore, it is a condition that the available data undergoes a standardisation that can contribute to enriching the data to streamline calculations of the forecast process.

Orbit solution

More specifically, Orbit solves the company’s problem by ensuring these conditions:

  • Realtime overview of booked resources
  • Standardised project templates
  • Easy acces to business data on a operationel level

In other words, everything the company needs to create a precise and efficient forecast for resource occupancy.

Here's How It's Done

Watch the 90-second forecast in action in this video

SKAN's order processor can now contact the company’s directors of business units, who are able to provide a precise forecast for the production as well as present a realistic date of delivery upfront to the interested leads.

All in less than 90 seconds.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about Orbit’s Planning & Execution solution or how our standardised platform can help your business streamline your project forecast too? - don’t hold yourselves back.

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