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What happens in your CRM when an opportunity becomes a hot lead?

The transfer from sales to project execution is often a sensitive exercise that requires consideration for multiple parties and interests. The seller has probably built a relationship of trust with the customer, special agreements have been entered into, and the customer has certain expectations for the course of the project.

In this use case, you get a concrete tool for standardising sales activities, so the process can bring value to the project execution. In addition to this, we give you an example of two companies that have already implemented the tool and further insight into what value this has contributed to their business.

Here is the secret

In short, the solution secures that in the last phase of your sales activities, will be integrated into the introductory phase of the project.

In other words: The phase where you negotiate price and special agreements, plus get project details in place, becomes a direct part of the project process start-up.


But let's be a little more specific and take a closer look at what the solution has done for Nordstern and Kamstrup

Process description

The Orbit solution turns several related processes into one continuous flow and is the backbone in the acquisition and delivery phases for both companies.

When a sales qualified lead (SQL) in the CRM is sufficiently warmed up to start the dialogue about specific project details, it can be a great advantage to treat this last part of the sales process as a start-up on a new project. You ensure that documentation and decisions for each step are always accessible and are kept as part of each project.

This is exactly what Orbit Project Planning can help facilitate.

#1 Nordstern - A data-based strategy as key to ambitious growth

Nordstern use case

If you, like Nordstern, have a target turnover of more than three billion DKK, it places high demands on the well-functioning management of the sales department's KPIs and pipeline.

With Orbit data and this exact approach, Nordstern has built their sales cockpit in Power BI and thereby they can:

1# Report on the department's performance to management

2# Forecasting the expected revenue based on their pipeline data

In this way, management is constantly up to date with the company's KPIs - that is, the goals defined for Nordstern's growth strategy.

#2 Kamstrup – Process automation with integration to Microsoft CRM

At Kamstrup, the handover from sales to delivery is automated using an integration between Orbit and Microsoft CRM.

When an opportunity at Kamstrup is won, Orbit Project Planning automatically creates a project based on the master data that the sales department has already specified in Microsoft CRM.

The result? The process automation has on one hand eliminated a lot of duplication of work and time in the sales department. At the same time Kamstrup demolished a large wall between sales and delivery - ensuring an easy handover that includes all relevant information.

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Sales And Project Management – In The Same Booth

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