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The Benefits Of Implementing A Project Planning Software

Suppose you are looking for a solution that streamlines your workflow and transforms your entire organisation to a standardised and scalable process – ranging from distributing RFP material to planning projects and execution on building sites. In that case, Orbit is the obvious solution for you.

Why You Should Choose Orbit
Streamline Your Sales Process

Orbit links your CRM, resource and project planning tool, allowing you to forecast future projects and ensure that vital information is passed on from the sales process to the planning phase.

Plan Your Projects Efficiently

If you work in a structured manner with project planning and have the right tools available, you can standardise your processes. This makes your project management more scalable and minimises the risk of mistakes and unforeseen conditions during the delivery.

Execution Of Your Project

Documentation of results, strengthened collaboration across departments, and a comprehensive GANTT-view is made readily available to you, allowing you to be always on top of important milestones and quality assurance.

Convert Projects To RFP Material

Collect key data and implement automatic workflows to enrich and easily convert profiles and projects in to references for upcoming RFP & tender material.

Project Management In A Construction Company

Construction projects are highly complex endeavours, regardless of whether you are building a shopping mall or a single-family home. Each stage requires accurate coordination and planning of activities and manpower.

As with any other project, the construction project management cycle consists of several phases – from RFP to design, planning, scheduling and the build itself. Each of these phases are highly complicated, but bringing them together in a successful construction project takes the complexity to another level.

This is where our project management software comes in.

Sales & Execution Combined

The transfer from sales to project execution is often a sensitive exercise that requires consideration for multiple parties and interests. The seller has probably built a relationship of trust with the client, special agreements have been made, and the client has certain expectations for the course of the project.

In this use case, you gain insights on how Kamstrup and Nordstern have standardised their sales activities, so the process can bring value to the project execution.

Read the entire case

Orbit Core Features For Construction

The Orbit platform consists of several tools that combine to allow you to work with data based process optimisation and give you a constant and up-to-date overview of all your projects and resources.

Integration With Other IT Solutions

Orbit has an open API that allows you to integrate this platform with many other IT systems.

Orbit's querying technology is built on a thoroughly tested and reliable technology that is continuously developed and highly scalable to your needs. This is our way of securing the future of both the Orbit platform and your business.

Read the technical article about how Orbit use GraphQL for querying data

Try Our Resource Planning Tool For 7 Days

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