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In many companies, the employees’ days at work are far from restricted to stationary paperwork on the computer. It may be because they are working from home, working on a project, having client meetings, business trips, or other forms of work-related activities on the go. That is why we have developed the Orbit mobile app that makes your work accessible at all times – right at your hand. No matter how your workday and rhythm is structured, the Orbit app supports your flexible work situations optimally. This way, you ensure that work never stands still and that your colleagues are always close to you – directly on your phone.

Stay updated – any time

The cohesion in a workforce is dependent on the employees’ skills to communicate efficiently and access important information and data continuously. It is all about staying fully updated on what is happening in and around the organisation – at any time.

Orbit’s app makes it easy and comfortable to read the news, check emails, upload project files, access important documents such as contracts, and much more. All of these functions are gathered in one spot, and you never have to waste your time contacting the right employee since all your colleagues’ profiles are accessible on the app.

We continuously update the app – for both iOS and Android

The Orbit app is based on the leading and most advanced mobile technology on the market. It is your personal guarantee that the app is constantly up to date with the development and the newest trends in the area, so it supports your workday in the smartest and best possible way.

And we can, of course, guarantee you 100% compatibility with the newest updates, since we continuously make sure to update and add new features – for both iOS and Android.

All to create the optimum user experience that makes it easier, smarter, and faster for you to work in changing and flexible work situations daily.

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