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An effective file sharing software that ensures a higher quality from the sales process to the finished project.

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Core Benefits Of Using The Orbit File Sharing Tool

Effective cloud-based file sharing and documentation is crucial to your success with both project planning and execution. It is all about ensuring an intuitive user experience, which includes focusing on streamlining the way your project team documents and shares files. Orbit’s file sharing tool is an intelligent document-sharing software that makes it faster and easier to process and share files and documents – both internally and externally.

File Sharing Features
Experience Orbit - A Complete Solution
Collaborative Editing

Enable collaborative editing and give your own Office 365 solution temporary ownership of the file.

Outlook Extension

Smarter management of emails, files, and contacts that paves the way for daily time savings and optimised internal knowledge-sharing on projects.

External Collaborations

Work closely with your clients and your external partners to provide full transparency of the project – all the time.

Sales Documentation

Ensure correct documentation and never risk missing any agreed-upon delivery terms from the sales process.

Integrate With Your Outlook

Our file sharing software can be easily integrated with your Outlook. This ensures that important knowledge, information, and correspondences related to clients and projects never get lost but are always accessible to every employee in the future.

See the benefits of Orbit Outlook Archive Extension

Synchronise To Explorer

Besides being an effective document-sharing software, Orbit’s file sharing tool is also a great folder-sharing software that permits seamless synchronisation of specific projects to your local computer. This means that all your project folders and files are always accessible so you can easily open, edit, and save – directly on your computer. All changes to the project will also automatically synchronise with Orbit as well as every individual user that chooses to synchronise with this project. It has never been faster or easier to work across platforms.

Share Documents With External Collaborators

The success rate of a project largely depends on whether you are capable of working closely with your clients and your external partners. Orbit Contact Management software collaborates with the File Sharing tool, and make it possible for you to share your work with external partners and clients, thus providing full transparency of the project. This paves the way for effective knowledge sharing, new insights, and synergy, which in the end raises the productivity and quality of your project.

Link Sales Activities To Your Project

As a project manager, it can be difficult to create alignment between the initial sales process and the rest of the project stages. With Orbit’s file and document-sharing software, you will get a unique tool to connect files from the sales process with the phases that begin after the project has been landed. This way, you will get the full overview and a strong link to your sales activities, so you never risk missing any agreed-upon delivery terms from the sales process.

Scalable File Sharing And Documentation

By establishing a strategic and scalable approach to your file and document-sharing – both internally and externally – you will be able to streamline the co-operation between both Work Centres as well as departments. An effectivization, that often forms the basis of a higher quality of the delivery, and that strengthens the collaboration between the clients and delivery partners – and ultimately, positions your organisation strongly on the market.

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