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Orbit your SAP platform – and get the most out of your business data

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Solutions designed for SAP environments

Orbit has developed a fully integrated solution for the SAP platform that makes it possible for your business data to become accessible on an operational level. This means that every person with access will be able to use and update the organisation’s data – directly in Orbit. And if your wish, the two-way integration also makes it possible to automatically update all your data in SAP.

Our solution is tailored to SAP environments.

Orbit your SAP Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

By integrating Orbit directly to the organisation’s WBS, you will strengthen your project management in several areas. Orbit can structure and make your data accessible to everyone. You will gain access to an operational set of data, making it easier to plan new projects and to follow the progress of your project as well as continuously updating it. Always based on 100% updated data. This way, Orbit contributes to making your organisation’s project management more agile, effective, and punctual.

Orbit your employee database

Safety first – also when it comes to data. With Orbit, you’re always guaranteed GDPR-safe data processing, which makes it possible to involve already existing information – e.g., the organisation’s Network SAP data that will be transferred directly to your Orbit-solution without a hitch.

Orbit your customer data

The use of Orbit for your SAP Integrated Business Planning also includes several benefits regarding your distribution field service. Not only do you get an extremely adaptable and cost-effective solution that makes your distribution flexible and user friendly; you also get an integrated solution that provides fast and easy access to client data, letting your distribution field service work optimally with your SAP platform.

Why you should choose Orbit for your SAP Integrated Business Planning

Why should you choose Orbit for your SAP-solution? There are plenty of good reasons why. You will, among other things, get:

  • Operational SAP data on a daily basis.
  • Accessible SAP data and reporting for both project managers and employees, making it easier to oversee their projects.
  • Fast and detailed overviews of projects, staffing, competencies, time, deadlines, changes to deadlines, etc.
  • Improved predictability and financial performance.

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