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Must have software tools for Planning & Execution

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Published February 19, 2021

The best project management software consists of multiple tools that complement each other and make it simple for you to control all the components of your project – from the same place.

Less heavy duty - more smooth project management

Digitisation of your project management will remove most heavy administrative burdens from your shoulders, and you will experience that everyday planning of deadlines, budgets, and resource allocation becomes both easier, faster, and more effective.

But your project management software also plays a pivotal role in the execution phase of the project. Here, it works as the central point of anchorage that needs to ensure both supply contracts, quality control, and all documentation that is exchanged between the parties involved for the entire duration of the project.

Integrate with other tools – and make the most of your business data

We often see that businesses operate with many different niche programmes and data processing tools gathered in one platform. In those cases, you would easily be able to strengthen your platform by integrating your project management software directly to your business’ additional data sources. An integration that would not only benefit your project management but would also increase the value of your business data overall.

For example, you can benefit from this integration solution when you have to enrich data to your project. You will often be able to draw on already existing data sources, such as client information from your CRM-system, and hereby save both time, working capacity, and not least avoid expensive duplication of effort.

You would get the opportunity for all of this if you chose Orbit Planning & Execution as the software solution for digitising your project management.

By integrating Orbit Planning & Execution to your additional tools, systems, and programmes, you will get an operative toolbox for project management as well as a functional dashboard for collection and sharing of relevant information – for the benefit of your project.

Discover the opportunities for Orbit Planning & Execution

If you have any questions about the different parts of Orbit, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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