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Streamlined proposal making and expected increased win-rate on construction projects

Many companies within the construction industry struggle with sending out sales materials of a lower quality than intended. This is mainly because of their lacking ability to use the sales designers’ time fully and adequately. In these cases, there lies a great unredeemed business potential that can lever the companies’ sales performance overall.

A similar scenario unfolded at one of the largest contractors in the Nordic region. The company is specialised in handling complex construction processes from start to finish. A big part of the company’s business model is to create tender material for public construction projects.

Below, we will give you an insight into how Orbit has helped, optimising the unredeemed potential in a streamlined proposal making – with the expectations of an increased success rate.

This is what Trine says about Orbit

"I just have to say - How cool is the new CV-system. - You need a few words about a given employee, look it up in a flash and move on in your work. - Freaking awesome” - Trine, Developer

Requirements for references and documentation for competencies

Among the biggest opportunities was the preparatory work ahead of a tender round. For the proposal makers of the company, it was almost a project in itself to apply for PQ (Pre-Qualification) and develop desirable tender material for bidding on a public construction project. The public projects often require documentation that the company has the necessary competencies in-house and references that prove that the company has experience with similar projects.

This preparatory work was demanding of time and resources. Not least because of the +15,000 employees and several thousand cases that all made the CV and reference data accumulate. It became tough and heavy to navigate in and work with.

And this is where Orbit Bidding & Qualifications comes in as a solution.

The solution

As a solution, they chose to integrate Orbit to their self-developed project portal, Microsoft Azure, and four different HR-systems. For the company, this integration meant that the workflow for creating CVs and references was standardised, reducing the effort and work capacity it takes to create a PQ or a proposal.

A standardised workflow for creating CVs and references

This is a working procedure, ensuring that projects and their history are exported directly to Orbit’s reference platform and that all the project participants’ CVs are updated automatically. For the proposal designers, it means, among other things, that they can now use Orbit’s search function to define the requirement specifications for the desired projects as well as choosing the relevant references and CV’s for the tender material – easy and fast.

Orbit has created the following business benefits:

  • Better prioritising and definition of relevant references and CVs
  • Fewer typos and inconsistencies in basic data – across references and CVs
  • More uniform communication in both text and design – with increased brand recognition as a result

In short: By integrating Orbit Bidding & Qualification has created a great foundation for streamlining their proposal making which makes the best possible conditions for an increased win-rate.

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