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If you work in a project department, where metadata is an unsexy round of key work that just needs to be done, with everyone working in home-knit spreadsheets, which rarely match reality.

Then do yourself the favour of reading on.

Your metadata is probably lacking in quality and is completely impossible to report from and collaborate on. Not to mention the lack of motivation from the employees, who have to register in several documents and see no progress.

In this case, we process a single small piece of metadata which, if digitised, can contribute great value to the entire business.


It's all about the expected shipment date.


This Is M&J Recycling

M&J Recycling is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions, and services for mineral processing aggregates, and metal refining industries globally. In the Waste Recycling division, M&J Recycling has implemented the Orbit Project Planning tool for better project management.

There Was A Time Before Orbit

Before M&J Recycling implemented Orbit for their project management, all projects were managed in spreadsheets. Project managers developed their own sheets with the features they found most appropriate.

In line with M&J Recycling’s growth, the spreadsheets got challenged in terms of collaboration across projects and keeping them up to date.

“Communicating tasks, in a time where employees are not working in the office every day, and the number of projects handled in the past 6 months, would not have been possible without this software." - Brian Hulgreen | Manager Project Department at M&J Recycling

3 Business Areas That Are Affected By A Single Piece Of Metadata

Today, M&J Recycling plans all their projects in Orbit. One of the biggest lifts the business has undergone was the ability to digitize project metadata, in order to then use key figures to automate communication to the departments that can benefit from that data.

At M&J Recycling, expected shipment date is a crucial milestone for a range of actions within the organisation.

#1 Capacity In The Shipping Hall

When you produce giant machines like M&J Recycling, they take up a lot of space in the shipping hall. Through their “parts” deadline on all components of the project, and an integration to Power BI dashboards, M&J Recycling reports expected shipment dates on the individual productions, to the shipping hall.

That way, they know which projects will be ready which month. Based on that data, the department can plan several months into the future, what resources they will need, and when.

#2 Controllers In Finance Plan The Invoicing

The collaboration between project managers and controllers is crucial for sending and following up on invoicing. The Orbit platform has streamlined this communication with automated workflows, an overview of GANTT, and the integration with Power BI.

  1. The GANTT view provides a quick overview of expected shipment dates on the individual projects
  2. Based on the set date, the controllers set a start date for their invoicing activity
  3. Data from the invoicing activity is visualized in Power BI, where the controllers can keep an eye on whether payments for the product are made within the invoicing time

By implementing Orbit, M&J Recycling has been given the right tools to create a process that ensures an overview of the company’s outstanding balance, contributing to a better cashflow.

#3 Expected Revenue And Reporting To Investors

As a listed company, it is crucial that management has an overview of actual revenue, monthly.

Data on expected shipment dates defines when controllers send out invoices and therefore also when and how much the expected turnover is per month.

Revenue figures for the month are reported directly to management, through their Power BI dashboard, which both uses the figures strategically, but also reports to their investors.

When a piece of data affects M&J Recycling's value in the investor market, it becomes crucial that actual data is updated, accurate, and available to management.

“Orbit and Power BI, together enabling PM, department, and stakeholders, to receive status information on progress and KPI’s on each project.”


The Organisational Improvements Are Noticeable At M&J Recycling

The fact that M&J Recycling now has a common platform for project management, which can be accessed and edited simultaneously, has been a noticeable improvement for project management - right from task management to supply chain, communication to administration, and reporting to management level.

Especially through the Corona pandemic, where employees have been working from home most of the time, we have continued to be able to collaborate through Orbit, across departments, and complete the expected amount of projects as estimated.

It would not have been possible without Orbit.

Finally, you will have motivated employees, who find it cool to work in a web-based system, instead of numerous excel sheets

A Good Advice On Implementation - From Someone Who Has Done It Before

“Find the data with the greatest significance across the organisation. Prioritise that this data is maintained by all users logging into the system and taking responsibility. Visualise the data and make it available to the whole organisation, for example by transferring data to Power BI. In this way, you help both your team and the management to work focused on a common set of KPIs.” - Brian Hulgreen | Manager Project Department at M&J Recycling

Level-Up Your Project Metadata

Are you working in the scenario we mentioned at the beginning of this case, and are you ready to throw your spreadsheet in the bin?

Fill out the form – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are always ready to help you further with your digitalisation process, so you can get more value out of your business data.

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